Finex 15 Inch Cast Iron Lean Grill Pan

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FINEX 10 Inch Grill Pan

Honest grilling is about more than grill ribs heavy enough to sear - it’s about a sharing a style of variable-heat cooking that encourages a bold, hands-on approach. Our grill pans are built with the biggest ribs in the game, set wide to allow for radiant heat from below. But just as importantly, they’re designed with an attention to detail that’ll encourage you to share your own honest grilling anywhere, on any heat source, any time of the year.

Healthy, honest grilling that keeps the flavor and loses the fat. The FINEX Lean Grill Pan features a domed interior surface that drains fat and grilling juices to the pan’s margins, ensuring that grilled foods gain flavor, not fat. When used on one burner, the Lean Grill Pan’s corners stay cooler, allowing grease to collect without smoking. Many Lean Grill Pan fans use it for crispier & leaner bacon or longer cuts like strip steaks or salmon fillets.


  • Hand Seasoned with Organic Flax Seed Oil
  • Ultra-Polished Easy Release Cooking Surface
  • Thick Base for Constant Even Heating
  • Made in the USA

Pre-Seasoned for Cooking

Pre-seasoned with 100% organic flaxseed oil for a durable, stick-resistant finish, FINEX is ready to cook right out of the box. Rinse new cookware with warm water and dry completely. To re-enforce seasoning use a little extra oil or cook something extra fatty, like bacon, for the first few uses. A darker patina will develop over time, indicating a thicker natural seasoning, and will enhance the stick-resistant cooking surface.

Cooking with Cast Iron

Cast iron may take longer to warm up, preheat your cast iron pan on medium-low heat for a few minutes before cooking.
FINEX's thick-wall design provides even heat distribution and better retention for searing performance. Perfectly crispy skin and golden brown edges are just minutes away.

Re-Seasoning Cast Iron

Cast iron is very durable and forgiving. Scorched, scratched or rusted pans can be returned to perfect working condition with a little elbow grease and some quality oil.
Preheat your oven to 200 degrees celsius. If your pan has rust, gently remove it using our Chain Link Scrubber. Wash and dry your cast iron cookware thoroughly. Once completely dry, using our Eyedropper apply a very thin layer of organic flaxseed oil to the entire surface of your cast iron pan (including the outside). Buff off any excess oil, then bake for one hour.


STEP 1. CLEANFor best results wash your FINEX by hand immediately after use. For ease, clean while still warm. To avoid rust, do not soak, leave in the sink or put the cookware in the dishwasher.
To remove stuck-on food, use water, a dab of soap and our Chain Link Scrubber. Stubborn food grime? Use the Wood Scraper to loosen stuck on food. The specialty cut fits the ribs of our Grill Pans and features multi-angled sides to reach and remove food from every corner of your cookware.

STEP 2. DRY - Thoroughly dry your FINEX with low heat on the stove or in the oven to avoid rust. Remember, if left wet it will rust.

STEP 3. OIL - Using the Eyedropper, apply a drop or two of organic flaxseed oil to your skillet and buff it into the iron with a paper towel or dry dishcloth.




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