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FINEX pays homage to the best attributes of vintage cookware: machine-smoothed cooking surfaces, flaxseed oil pre-seasoning and stone-tumble polishing. Inspired by smooth vintage American cast iron skillets but designed for today, our cookware blends together essential elements of soulful cooking to give you the best experience whenever and wherever life wants you to cook.

FUNCTIONAL ELEGANCE                                                                                                                                                                                      Natural near-nonstick performance with a cooking surface that's simply cast iron and organic flaxseed oil. Our cookware is equally at home on the stove, in the oven, on the grill or over a bed of coals. The patented octagonal shape? It's not just for looks - the sides make it easier to release cornbread and each spout is another opportunity to pour soups and stews without dripping on the table.

Inspired by antique wood stoves and made from stainless steel, our ergonomically designed spring handle stays cool longer—no need for mitts when frying an egg. Feels great in your hand too.

Hand seasoning each of our pots and pans is a tedious extra step, but we know it’s worth it. The result means eggs slide easily and sauces won’t stick. You'll love cooking with it indoors and out, on any heat source—including induction.